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Alpine Sky Publishing Co. was formed to allow you, the author a chance to make your dream of producing a book a reality.  We are different than a self publishing company or a vanity press outfit. While most of these companies want control of your book, they leave the marketing and sales up to you.  That would be great if the money that you pay them reflected the services that you get. An outrageous fee for minimal service is a business model from a different era.

Our service is simple and our prices reflect that. We offer you everything you need to get your book published. At that point you can have exactly what the self publishing houses offer you without the shocking costs.  You are an author not a publisher and the process of turning a book into a product can be frustrating. Let us take the aggravation out of the process and get your book to print so that you can decide where to go from there. You retain the rights. You market the book and you benefit from the sales, profits or just the joy of finally having your book in your hands to do with it what you want.

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